You can’t put a price on security

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We’re all a little more security conscious these days. And when it comes to your home, having robust security in place feels less like a nice-to-have, and more of a necessity.

One of the key things you can do to protect your home and your family is to invest in window security screens and security screen doors.

At Affinity, we’re serious about security

For us, security isn’t just a tick box.

We provide security screens for Perth homes that are manufactured to meet all current Australian standards. Every person that attends your property to install, measure, or consult on your window security screens has their current security licence.

And if you lodge a service request regarding your security sliding doors or window fittings, you’ll deal directly with our Security Business Development Manager—a glazier by trade, who has been measuring, fitting, and installing security doors and windows in Perth for over 45 years.

So by choosing Affinity Windows, you get a more secure property, and that important peace of mind that you’re dealing with the experts.

Robust products made to last

Our security doors and screens are built for the Perth market, and each one of our products is manufactured right here in WA.

Built using robust, top-quality stainless-steel mesh or aluminium mesh, we rely on the best materials on the market to create a range of security products that are rated to the highest Australian standards. Once they’re on, they’re on. Each screen is installed using tamper-proof fixings, so there’s no way for someone to remove the door or pull it apart.

And while you may not be thinking about it right now, good quality security products can help improve the resale value of your property. With security screens on your windows and doors, that’s one less thing the new buyer needs to worry about.

Your home should feel secure—but it shouldn’t feel like a prison

When installed properly, window security screens and security screen doors should enhance the look of your home, rather than detract. So if your current security products feel a bit like prison bars, it’s time to upgrade.

Affinity security products are made to elevate your window treatments. They’re sleek and sophisticated, delivering a much more elegant look that the scrappy old fly wire you might currently be living with.

But they’re also great for airflow. With Affinity security screens firmly in place, you can leave your doors and windows open, during the day and throughout the night, with peace of mind that your home is still secure.

If you don’t particularly like opening your front door to an unknown guest—and we get it, many people don’t—a security screen door gives you the confidence that you’ve got a physical barrier between yourself and whoever is on the other side.

It’s all about the overall sense of comfort that you get. You know your house is secure while your family is at home, and that you’ve put the right measures in place to deter any opportunistic criminals.

You’re investing in your family’s safety, too

Affinity security screens on your Perth home don’t just provide protection from the outside—they also help in emergencies.

Our window security products come with a specially-designed egress screen, a dedicated fire escape security screen. While you can’t open it from the outside, you can use the safety latch to quickly and easily open it from the inside, and escape through the window in the instance of a fire.

So, when is the best time to install security screens?

There’s no one “best” time to fit security screens on your Perth home. The most convenient time would be before a break in—but that’s not something you can predict!

Instead, we recommend installing security screens right from the outset of a new home build. If you build a new property with a builder using Affinity Windows, our security products can be included as part of your pre-start package.

We don’t let existing homes miss out. We can retrofit Affinity security products to your windows and doors at a time that suits you.

Get peace of mind that your home is secure

It’s easy to get Affinity Windows security screens installed. Just give us a call, and we can arrange a visit to your property to measure and quote on your unique window and door needs.

Alternatively, you can send us your building plans, and we will ensure each security screen is made to your specific needs.

So get in touch with us, and let’s start the process. You can expect a 4-6 week manufacture time, and when your security products are ready, we can get the entire process completed within a day.

It’s fast, efficient, and affordable—and you can’t put a price on that peace of mind.

Ready to see which Affinity Windows security products are right for your home? Download our brochure to learn more, or get in touch with our team to discuss a security solution for your home.

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