What is the best glazing for my home? – Part 3

Affinity R&D Team

So is low-e glass better than double glazing? Read the final part of the series to learn more.

If you are trying to choose between low e glass or double glazed units in aluminium framed windows and doors, a number of factors need to be considered.

These variables include:

  • Your home (new or existing)
  • Block orientation
  • Window frames
  • Window dressings
  • External shading
  • Climate

Low-e glass and double glazing are both better than single pane glass as both allow the control of radiant energy.

Today, some builders are using passive design principles (which make the most of natural sunlight with clever orientation) to increase energy efficiency. As previously mentioned, low-e glass performs very well where direct sun hits the window as it reflects a high amount of radiant energy away. With control over design and orientation, new home builds can avoid harsh, direct sunlight and instead, seek natural shading solutions or position windows in different directions. Double glazing and triple glazing are therefore likely to be utilised in new builds as direct sunlight is rarely a problem.

However, for homeowners with existing homes that may not have been constructed using passive design principles, you may find that low-e glass can greatly improve any areas of direct sunlight. Particularly in Perth, where we have a warmer climate and need to reduce heat entering our homes.

Remember, low-e glass also reflects 99% of UV rays meaning your carpets, furniture and curtains won’t fade. Perfect for Perth homes!

While we have discussed the energy efficiency of the various types of glazing, there are also other factors affecting efficiency. The frame has a huge impact on conductivity, or indirect transfer in and out of a home. A homeowner can also utilise window dressing such as curtains and shutters to further reduce light and heat coming through windows. Externally, shade sails or similar could be installed to prevent harsh summer sunlight directly hitting the windows.

In summary, BOTH low-e glass and double glazing have their benefits and if utilised correctly, can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your West Australian home.

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