Technical Specification

All Affinity Windows premium doors, windows, and shower screens are manufactured to strict technological standards.

And these standards aren’t just theoretical: this is strict practical testing that demonstrates our products’ strength in and durability in real-world settings, and ensures our products deliver the quality and finish that your home deserves.

Here’s what makes our window and door products some of the best quality on the WA market today, and helps you place your home ahead of the trend.

Thermal Efficiency

Making the most of your home’s orientation

When building your new home, one of the most effective ways that you can set it up to be more energy-efficient right from the start is by carefully choosing the orientation of your windows.

So at Affinity Windows, we make sure that your windows and doors are placed in the locations that help to optimise the passive heating and cooling in your new home. This ensures that the orientation of your windows and doors allow the right amount of sunlight, heat, and cooling breeze into your home, working to deliver an energy-efficient space that keeps you comfortable all year round.

Manufactured to strict thermal standards

The next step is to choose windows and doors that are engineered for optimal thermal ratings.

Every Affinity product is manufactured using products that deliver to the highest Australian standards.

Our windows are made from materials with low thermal conductivity. Our Low E thermal glass is designed to allow the sun’s warmth into your rooms, with special metallic oxide coating that minimises the amount of heat escaping from your windows and doors.

All our double glazing is equipped with a warm edge spacer bar, which helps to limit heat transfer between your glass panes. This space in between the panes is hermetically sealed, and filled with dehydrated air, which is designed to reduce heat transfer and keep your rooms warmer.

Every home we provide windows and doors for is tested to ensure that it meets the following ratings:

  • U-value of XXX
  • SHGC rating of XXX
  • WERS rating of XXX

We’re in good company

Affinity Windows is a proud member of the Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA). This ensures that all of our products are tested to their specific Australian Standards AS 2047, and our glazed products in accordance with AS 1288. This means that you get peace of mind that our products are made to withstand even the harshest of Australian conditions, and ensure your home remains cool and comfortable, all year round.

Acoustic Performance

Comfortable sound levels within your home are just as important as temperature.

At Affinity, we put all of our glass window, awnings, and sliding door products through third party compliance testing, to ensures we can demonstrate our products’ effectiveness and reliability in reducing external noise and ensuring optimal living environments. These are known as Rw+Ctr ratings.

To achieve this, we test our products in a real-world environment, to see how they hold up against the sound pressures of day-to-day life.

Click here to learn more about the testing results of our double glazed, VLAM Hush, and laminated glass products.

Wind Rating

While you can control the heat in your home, you can’t control the weather, so wind pressure performance plays an important part of keeping your house safe and secure.

Every Affinity window, awning, and door product is put through a strict testing regime to ensure it meets the relevant Australian Standards AS 4055 and AS 1170.

To achieve this, our products are physically tested in a NATA-accredited testing laboratory, where they’re put up against a series of wind and water pressure tests.

Wind Class      Serviceable Wind Speed (m/s)    Ultimate Wind Speed (m/s)

N1                                                26                                                    34

N2                                               26                                                    34

N3                                               32                                                    34

N4                                               39                                                    34

N5                                               47                                                    34

N6                                               55                                                    34

The majority of Affinity residential products are rated to N3 or higher.

But we don’t stop there. For a new home build, a building engineer will attend your site to perform further testing, so we know the specific wind rating of your location based on the surrounding terrain and shielding. We can then provide products that are built to withstand the different wind and pressure levels your property experiences.

Terrain Category 1
Exposure: Exposed open terrain with few or no obstructions and enclosed water surfaces. Typically flat, treeless, poorly-grassed land.

Terrain Category 1.5
Exposure: Open water surfaces, for example coastal waters, large open bays near the beach.

Terrain Category 2
Exposure: Open terrain, including grassland, with well scattered obstructions having heights typically from 1.5-5m with no more than two obstructions per hectare.

Terrain Category 2.5  
Exposure: Outer-suburban housing. Terrain with a few trees or isolated obstructions. Can include a scattered houses or groupings of buildings.

Terrain Category 3  
Exposure: Typical suburban housing. Terrain with numerous closely spaced obstructions with heights typically between 3-10m.


No Shielding: Fewer than 2.5 buildings per hectare, or none at all.

Partial Shielding: Approximately 2.5 houses or similar sized buildings per hectare, upwind of your property. Considered typical for outer suburban development.

Full Shielding: Two or more rows of houses or similar sized buildings surround your property. Considered appropriate for typical suburban development.

Bushfire Rating

Australia faces some of the harshest weather conditions, so it’s crucial that our products are rated to withstand bushfire threats too.

Every Affinity Windows product is tested against Australian Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) ratings, and are manufactured to achieve a BAL 29 in compliance with AS 3959 and AS 3959:2018 – Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas. This ensures their ability to withstand ember, heat, and debris from potential bushfire attacks.

BAL Rating
BAL–LOW: Low risk. Standard suburban housing with low risk from a potential fire.

BAL–12.5: Slight risk. Risk from slight ember attack during bushfire situation, particularly at the base of glass window and door products.

BAL–19: Moderate risk. Risk of ember attack and burning debris against toughened glass and aluminium flyscreens.

BAL–29: High risk. Risk of direct attack from embers, debris, and heat. Doors and windows must be made of toughened glass with aluminium screening.

BAL–40; Very high risk. Risk of direct attack from embers, debris, and heat, and flames.

Security Compliance

We provide security screens for Perth homes that are manufactured and installed to meet all current Australian Standards:

  • AS 5039 – (Current) Security screen doors and security window grilles
  • AS 5040 – (Current) Installation of security screen doors and window grilles
  • AS 5041 – (Current) Methods of test – Security screen doors and window grilles

We provide three measures of security products, each one built to give you peace of mind and provide superior protection for your family and home.

  • Security Sliding Doors are easily installed to Affinity products with stainless steel mesh providing the highest level of security.
  • Our Hinged Security Doors can be installed to the outside of your home, still using the same key as your other doors.
  • Affinity Security Window Screens can be used to protect all types of windows and can be applied to both opening and fixed windows.

Built using robust, top-quality stainless-steel mesh or aluminium mesh, we rely on the best materials on the market to create a range of security products that are rated for optimal security—while delivering a sleek, sophisticated look that elevates your home.

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