Toughened Glass


Toughened glass is usually 4 – 5 x stronger than standard glass. It is qualified Grade A Safety Glass and complies with the requirements of Australian Standards AS 2208 and AS 1288 (Current) Glass in building – Selection and Installation

Experience the seamless blend of safety and elegance with our Toughened Clear Glass – the perfect blend of style and durability. One of the most important benefits of our Toughened Clear Glass is its enhanced security. If broken, the glass shatters into tiny granules rather than breaking into dangerous larger pieces.

Our Toughened Clear Glass is a perfect amalgamation of enduring style, strength, and remarkable temperature resilience. Toughened Clear Glass stands as a shining beacon of robustness, crafted to be 5 x stronger than ordinary glass. But beyond its unyielding strength, the true marvel lies in its ability to resist various temperature extremes up to 250°C.

Limited Alterations

Once the glass has undergone toughening, it reaches a state of permanent solidity that cannot be altered. This means that any alterations, such as cutting, drilling, or reshaping, can’t be performed post-toughening. The glass’s structure has been fortified to a point where further modifications could lead to breakage.


Glass selection plays a pivotal role when building or renovating your home. The type of glass selected has significant impact on the energy efficiency, acoustics and natural light exposure that your home has. Along with window orientation, selecting the correct glass solution for your home is crucial as it can positively impact your energy bill, your home's resale value and the overall comfort throughout the Australian summer and winter.

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