Sliding Window – 280

Trend Series

The Trend Series Sliding Window suite has been designed to provide a clean and streamlined appearance with its squared mullions and glazing beads.

With the use of adaptors, the Trend Series Sliding Window can be double glazed to offer an enhanced level of thermal comfort and performance.

Being part of the Trend Series allows integration with a complementary selection of sliding, awning and double hung windows for a whole-of-house solution.

Thermally Efficient Frame Design

At the heart of our Sliding Window is the thermally efficient frame design. This design feature incorporates the latest in window technology, creating a barrier between the outdoor elements and your home’s internal environment. 

With its unique construction, our sliding window does more than just let the light in; it plays a significant role in maintaining an optimal indoor climate, regardless of the season.

Single and Double Glazing Options

One of the defining features of our Sliding Window is the choice between Single and Double Glazing. 

Whether you choose the crisp simplicity of single glazing or the superior thermal and acoustic insulation of double glazing, our Sliding Window can deliver depending on your requirements.

Concealed Mullion Locking Options

This advanced mechanism adds an additional layer of security to your window. With our Sliding Window Mullion Lock Latched design, you can be assured that the window, when locked, is firmly secured. This system is designed to offer high resistance against forced entry, adding a higher level of safety to your home or office.


Our Anodised finish embodies modern sophistication, creating a hard, robust finish that’s aesthetic but also highly resilient. The finish preserves the original texture of the aluminium, adding an extra layer of protection against weather elements and scratches. 

Powder Coated Range

Our powder coating process involves applying a protective and decorative layer of coloured powder, which is then heated to form a layer around the window’s frame. The result is an impeccably smooth and uniform finish resistant to peeling, cracking, and fading. 


Our Woodgrain finish captures the authentic beauty and texture of natural wood for a more warm, inviting presence. By opting for this choice, you can expect a rustic, classic appeal without the typical worries of wood, such as rotting, warping or termite infestation.

Trend Series

When the standard range requires a commercial specification for premium applications and beyond. Easy to operate and timeless in design, Trend Series Sliding Windows are a premium choice.

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