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Aluminium Doors

Our stylish range of sliding doors will help you maximise trendy indoor / outdoor living. Be the envy of your friends and enjoy uninterrupted views, with the widest residential 2 lite door on the market.

Take control over the ambience of your home with our stylish range of sliding doors.

By creating one connected entertaining space from your kitchen to your outdoor area, the great vibes are sure to flow throughout your home.

The Affinity mortice-lock is designed to provide maximum security for your sliding door, ensuring that it remains firmly closed and protected. Made from high-quality materials, our mortice lock is built to last, providing you with peace of mind for years to come.

Our anti-lift device adds an extra layer of security to your sliding door by preventing it from being lifted out of its track, helping to protect your home or business.

All our sliding doors come with Grade A Safety Glass designed to withstand impact and prevent shattering, providing long-lasting protection and durability. The high-quality glass is clear and transparent, allowing natural light to flow into your space and enhancing the overall appearance of your sliding door.

Affinity’s range of sliding doors meets or exceeds all relevant Australian standards, providing you with peace of mind that it is safe and compliant.

Our fly door track is integrated into the sliding door’s frame, creating a seamless and stylish look. The integral design provides added stability and durability, ensuring that your sliding door operates smoothly for years to come. With the fly door track being integral to the frame, there are fewer moving parts, reducing the need for maintenance and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Affinity’s sliding doors are keyed, consistent with other Affinity products.

Track covers are used to conceal and protect the tracks of a sliding door. They are typically made of plastic or metal and come in various colours to match the door frame. They are designed to fit snugly over the tracks, providing a smooth and finished look while also preventing debris and dirt from accumulating in the tracks.

Infill trims cover the gap between the door and the wall. They are made of metal and come in various colours to match the door frame. Infill trims help improve the overall appearance of the door and prevent air and light from entering through the gap. They also provide a secure and stable base for the door to slide on, reducing the risk of the door coming off the track.

We apply a high-quality powder coat finish to sliding doors to provide a durable and long-lasting finish. The coating is made of a fine powder that is electrostatically charged and then baked onto the door in a high-temperature oven. The result is a smooth and even coating resistant to scratches, fading, and corrosion.

An extensive colour range is an important feature to consider when choosing a sliding door product. With a wide selection of colours available, you can choose a door that perfectly matches your decor and personal style. Whether you prefer a bold and vibrant colour or a more neutral and understated tone, an extensive colour range allows you to find the perfect match.

However, it is important to note that not all hardware components are available in matching colours. Additional colours available upon request – will incur additional fee and lead time.

Heavy Duty Rollers

Our heavy-duty rollers are the perfect option for those looking for a sliding door that can handle heavy use. These rollers support the door’s weight and provide a smooth and quiet operation, even with frequent use.


Fly Doors

Our extruded fly door frames are the perfect option for a sliding door with enhanced durability and performance. These frames are made from high-quality aluminium and are designed to provide a strong and stable base for the door.


Heavy Duty Components Suitable for High Wind-Load areas

For those living in high wind loads, choosing a sliding door that can withstand the elements is important. Our heavy-duty components are designed specifically for high wind-load areas, providing a strong and reliable performance even in tough conditions.

Residential Construction

Sliding doors are popular for residential construction projects due to their versatility, functionality, and style. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, sliding doors provide a range of benefits that make them the perfect choice for your next project.


Multi-Unit Developments

Whether building a new apartment complex or renovating an existing one, sliding doors can be used in various ways. From balconies and patios to bedrooms and living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and storage areas, sliding doors can enhance each unit’s functionality and aesthetic.

Low-rise Apartments

If you live in a low-rise apartment, our sliding doors are the perfect choice for freeing up valuable floor space and providing a matching aesthetic to your apartment.



Needing sliding doors for your transportable? Sliding doors can be used in mobile homes to save space and provide easy access to the interior. They can be designed to be lightweight and easy to install, making them ideal for transportable structures.


Park Homes

Sliding doors can be applied to park homes in several ways to enhance the living experience and improve the overall design. They can be used as entry doors for park homes to provide a modern and stylish look.



Whether you need to use sliding doors as room dividers or as patio doors to provide access to outdoor spaces, our range of sliding doors is perfect for your next renovation.

Aluminium Doors

Affinity Doors allow you to bring the great Australian outdoors indoors - in spectacular fashion. It’s a way of life everyone should have the opportunity to openly enjoy. The doors comprising our huge range visually deliver such lifestyle enjoyment and come in many configurations, profiles, colours and glass types so you can specify the doors that exactly suit your requirements.

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