Commercial Sliding Door – 284

Trend Series

The Trend Series Commercial Sliding Door offers a high degree of design flexibility. Complemented with high-quality hardware plus excellent structural and weather performance, it has been designed to suit Australia’s wide range of climatic conditions. Integrated insect or barrier screening options and double glazing capabilities ensure that the Trend Series Commercial Sliding Door can be tailored to your requirements.

As part of the Trend Series, it can be integrated with a complementary selection of sliding, awning and double-hung windows to provide a total window solution.

101.6mm Framing System

One of the main features of our Commercial Sliding Door is the robust 101.66mm Framing System. 

This advanced, sturdy framework ensures the door is well-secured, resulting in a high-performing, long-lasting door solution. 

The sturdy framework significantly enhances the structural stability of the door, enabling it to withstand harsh conditions and heavy usage without compromising on its operation or aesthetic appeal.

Standard and Mortice Lock Options

At Affinity Windows, we offer a Standard lock option that provides easy operability and reliable security. 

The Mortice lock option, on the other hand, offers a concealed locking mechanism, adding an extra level of security and sleekness to your Commercial Sliding Doors.

Corner Sliding Configuration Options

This flexible configuration allows our Commercial Sliding Doors to meet at a corner without needing a fixed corner post. 

A corner sliding door brings a sense of openness and creates panoramic views of the outdoor area. 

This makes them ideal for spaces where seamless integration with the environment is desired, offering an aesthetically pleasing and space-optimising solution.


Our Anodised finish is a sleek and durable option that enhances the natural beauty of aluminium frames. This process creates a thick, corrosion-resistant layer that can withstand the rigours of commercial use without peeling or chipping.

Powder Coated

The Powder Coated option is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder, which forms a protective, aesthetically pleasing layer on the aluminium. Powder Coating finishes are resistant to scratching, chipping, and fading, ensuring your doors retain their attractive look for longer.


For a classic, timeless look, consider our Woodgrain finish. This finish imitates the natural textures and wood patterns, bringing warmth and elegance to your space. This option is ideal for establishments aiming for a more traditional or rustic aesthetic without the maintenance required for actual wood.

Trend Series

When the standard range requires a commercial specification for premium applications and beyond. Easy to operate and timeless in design, Trend Series Sliding Windows are a premium choice.

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