Semi Frameless Sliding – 7500

Shower Screens and Mirrors

A slimline shower screen with frameless sliding doors.

Individually Measured

We understand that every bathroom is unique, with its distinct dimensions and configurations. That’s why our team of professionals will take precise measurements of your space, ensuring that your Semi Frameless Sliding Shower Screen is tailor-made to fit perfectly.

Choice of Clear or Patterned 6mm Toughened Grade A Safety Glass

Our Semi Frameless Sliding Shower Screens are an attractive choice for contemporary bathrooms, with a range of glass options available to complement the look of your bathroom.

There are two main glass options to consider: clear or patterned obscure. Both options are made from 6mm toughened Grade A Safety Glass, providing a strong and safe solution for your shower area.

Clear glass provides a sleek minimalist look for your shower screen, allowing natural light to flow into the shower area.

Patterned obscure glass is another option that can add a decorative touch to your Semi Frameless Shower Screen. This option can be designed with various patterns.

Can Be Designed For Installation Into a Variety Of Bathroom Configurations

Our Semi Frameless Sliding Shower Screens feature streamlined designs with slim, subtly framed edges. The transparent glass ensures a spacious, airy feel, enhancing your shower experience. Sliding functionality is an absolute space-saver, making it an ideal choice for large and compact bathrooms.

The highlight feature of these screens is their versatile adaptability. We understand that no two bathrooms are the same, which is why our Semi Frameless Sliding Shower Screens can be designed for installation into various bathroom configurations.

Fixed Panel and Overlapping Door Configuration

With a fixed panel and overlapping door configuration, complemented by high-quality seals, our comprehensive Semi Frameless Sliding Shower Screens offer unparalleled splash resistance. Moreover, it effectively directs water run-off back into the shower recess, ensuring your bathroom remains dry and safe.

Shower Screens and Mirrors

Affinity shower screens and mirrors make your bathroom look modern and stylish. Best of all, they are easy to clean! Whether you are building or renovating, don’t make the mistake of settling for second best.

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