Obscure Glass


Obscured glass is generally used in the bathroom, toilet windows, or anywhere where privacy is most desired. The distorted patterns allow for light to come through while blocking the visibility.

Light reduction: 8%
Solar transmission: 8%
UV transmission: 82%

Our Obscure Glass is an ideal solution to maintain your privacy without sacrificing natural light. It cleverly blurs out details while subtly allowing light to permeate. This makes it perfect for places where privacy is crucial, yet brightness is desired like bathrooms, offices, or partition walls.

At Affinity Windows, our Obscure Glass presents an economical solution for those seeking to add an artistic touch to their spaces without being exorbitant in price. Obscure Glass, with its stunning array of patterns and textures, proves that high style doesn’t always have to be associated at a higher cost.

Obscured Glass May Reduce Light Levels

Obscure Glass is available in a wide array of colours and tones, each offering a different level of translucency. 

The colour and tone you select can significantly affect the amount of light that filters through the glass. 

Richer, darker shades may create a dramatic ambience, but they may also noticeably reduce the light levels in the room. 

In contrast, lighter hues offer a higher level of brightness while still ensuring the desired privacy.

5mm & 6mm Glass

Our Obscure Glass comes in 5mm and 6mm variants. 

5mm Obscure Glass, is perfect for those seeking a delicate balance between privacy and light penetration, making it an ideal choice for bathroom windows or internal partitions. It’s a delicate blend of elegance and functionality that enriches any decor.

Step up the sophistication with 6mm Obscure Glass, offering enhanced durability and increased privacy, making it an excellent choice for larger installations like sliding doors or floor-to-ceiling windows.

Can Be Toughened or Laminated to Grade A Safety Glass

An integral feature of our Obscure Glass range is the ability to transform it into Grade A Safety Glass. This pivotal enhancement can be achieved through two distinct processes, each offering a unique set of benefits. You can opt for our toughened glass, which is heat-treated to be up to five times stronger than ordinary glass.

Alternatively, explore our laminated Obscure Glass, which consists of two glass layers pressed up against an interlayer. This construction ensures that, even if the glass is broken, the fragments stay adhered to the interlayer, preventing potential injuries and maintaining a level of security until replacement.


The beauty and practicality of Obscure Glass make it a favoured choice for bathroom applications. Its enchanting patterns not only bring an elevated aesthetic to your interiors but also afford the perfect balance between light and privacy. No need to compromise on natural lighting or seclusion; with Obscure Glass, you can have both.


From toilet windows to internal glass doors, Obscure Glass presents a versatile solution. It’s a subtle and refined alternative to traditional window coverings, allowing you to eliminate bulky curtains or blinds while maintaining the utmost privacy.

Shower Screens

Crafted with an eye for detail, our Obscure Glass shower screens bring an elegant touch to your daily routine. Whether it’s a walk-in shower or a luxurious bathtub enclosure, Obscure Glass imparts an ambiance of tranquillity, transforming ordinary bathing experiences into personal spa-like retreats.


Glass selection plays a pivotal role when building or renovating your home. The type of glass selected has significant impact on the energy efficiency, acoustics and natural light exposure that your home has. Along with window orientation, selecting the correct glass solution for your home is crucial as it can positively impact your energy bill, your home's resale value and the overall comfort throughout the Australian summer and winter.

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