Louvre Window

Aluminium Windows

A distinctive style of window that is designed to deliver a stylish, natural ventilation solution. Providing complete control over the airflow in your living space.

Our Louvre Windows allows you to control the temperature in your home and provides uninterrupted airflow.

Our windows have the advantage of being Fly Screen and Security Screen compatible. This feature ensures that while you enjoy the pleasures of natural ventilation and light, your home remains secure and free from unwanted pests. In addition, their compatibility with security screens provides an added layer of protection without compromising aesthetics or functionality.

Bring flair into every space with Louvre Windows. Our windows have a broad colour palette that caters to diverse aesthetic preferences, ensuring perfect harmonisation with any decor.

Manual and Automated Variants

Embodying versatility and innovation, our Louvre Windows are available in both Manual and Automated variants. The manual option provides a hands-on experience, allowing users to adjust the louvre blades directly for optimal ventilation and light control. On the other hand, the automated variant is synonymous with convenience and sophistication and allows for effortless adjustments at the touch of a button.

Glass and Aluminium Flat or Elliptical Blades

We have different options available for the customisation of your Louvre Windows. 

Our Glass blades offer an unobstructed view, allowing ample light to flood your space. Depending on the chosen tint or frosting, they can create a modern or traditional look.

Conversely, Aluminium blades, available in flat or elliptical shapes, provide a sleek, contemporary appeal, excellent for privacy and light control. Their inherent durability stands up to the elements, promising longevity. 

Whether you’re seeking the reflective brilliance of glass or the solid elegance of aluminium, flat for a minimalist aesthetic or elliptical for a dynamic look, our Louvre Windows provide the optimal solution to satisfy every design and practicality intent.

Aluminium Windows

Struggling to find the time for home maintenance? No worries, our aluminium doors are maintenance free and are made of the highest quality products, guaranteed to stand the test of time. Perfect for homes in any location from the coast to inland, they are even termite proof!

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