Laminated Glass


Laminated glass is two or more layers of glass bonded together permanently using a PVB interlayer.

Light reduction: 8%
Solar transmission: 7%
UV transmission: N/A

Engineered with an extra protective layer, Laminated Glass resists dust, smudges, and unwanted streaks that usually accumulate over time. This means less time spent on cleaning and upkeep and more time enjoying the clear, unobstructed views it provides.

Traditional glass can be a weak barrier to external noises, from street traffic to bustling outside ambience. One of the foremost advantages of our Laminated Glass is its profound noise-reduction ability, keeping your indoor environment serene.

Bathroom Windows

Available in various tints, patterns, and finishes, our Laminated Glass can effortlessly enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic while providing optimal light filtration.

Shower Screens

Combining multiple layers of high-grade glass and resilient plastic interlayers, our Laminated Glass is sturdy, durable, and ensures your safety.


Beyond its visual appeal, Laminated Glass for ensuites brings functional benefits. Its semi-translucent property offers a delicate balance between natural light and privacy. Bathed in soft, diffused light, your ensuite will feel open and airy.

5mm, 6mm & 10mm Glass

Available in three thickness options, including 5mm, 6mm, and 10mm, our diverse range can meet a variety of needs, providing enhanced security and sound insulation while accentuating the beauty of your interiors.

5mm Laminated Glass, the thinnest in our range, is perfect for low-stress areas. It’s an exceptional choice for picture frames or small window installations where elegance is required without compromising protection.

6mm Laminated Glass, on the other hand, is for when you need something more robust. Ideal for standard residential windows and doors, it balances toughness and translucency, ensuring a secure yet light-filled living environment.

For the highest degree of security and noise reduction, choose our 10mm Laminated Glass. This thickness is perfect for larger installations, such as sliding doors or storefronts, providing utmost durability while maintaining visual appeal.


Glass selection plays a pivotal role when building or renovating your home. The type of glass selected has significant impact on the energy efficiency, acoustics and natural light exposure that your home has. Along with window orientation, selecting the correct glass solution for your home is crucial as it can positively impact your energy bill, your home's resale value and the overall comfort throughout the Australian summer and winter.

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