Fully Framed – 4010

Shower Screens and Mirrors

Features a slimline, low profile twin tiered sill.

Fully Framed shower screens are popular for bathrooms due to their smooth contoured profiles. These profiles are designed to minimise soap and residue accumulation, making them a practical and attractive option for any bathroom.

One of the main benefits of the smoothly contoured profiles of Fully Framed Shower screens is that they help to prevent soap and residue buildup. This means that your shower screen will stay clean and hygienic for longer without needing frequent cleaning.

The design of Fully Framed Shower screens is specifically created to reduce the gap between the door and the framing on the door closure. This feature helps to eliminate external splashing and improves water resistance, making fully framed shower screens a practical and effective solution for bathrooms.

Our Fully Framed Shower Screens are tailored to suit your bathroom. We measure each shower screen to ensure it fits perfectly for your next installation.

Effortless Door Operation

Affinity’s range of Fully Framed Shower Screens are a popular choice for bathrooms and ensuites due to their effortless door operation. It makes entering and exiting the shower a smooth and effortless process. The door glides easily on its hinges without the need for excessive force.

Suitable for most bathrooms

Fully Framed Shower Screens are a popular choice for bathroom renovations due to their versatility and durability. They can be designed to fit into most bathroom spaces and offer a range of benefits, including various customisation options, they are easy to clean and are cost-effective.

Shower Screens and Mirrors

Affinity shower screens and mirrors make your bathroom look modern and stylish. Best of all, they are easy to clean! Whether you are building or renovating, don’t make the mistake of settling for second best.

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