Bi-Fold Window

Aluminium Windows

The perfect choice for every home entertainer. This versatile and chic window brings in lots of natural light and opens up your home to the outside. Remove the barrier and let the entertainment flow through.

The innovative Bi-Fold Window system removes the barriers to maximise the opening between indoor and outdoor living.

A significant feature distinguishing our Bi-Fold Windows is the ‘Smooth Top-Rolling Operation.’ This key characteristic makes opening and closing your windows a hassle-free, effortless experience, providing ease of use and convenience at your fingertips.

This operation is designed with precision to ensure that the window panels glide smoothly along the track with a gentle push or pull. Gone are the days of strenuous efforts to operate windows. With our Bi-Fold Windows, ease of operation is guaranteed, letting you control your indoor environment with absolute simplicity and comfort.

Panels cascade neatly to one or both sides, creating unobstructed connectivity between two living spaces.

At the heart of our Bi-Fold Windows’ advanced security features lies the ‘Commercial Grade 2-Point Locking System.’ Designed to meet the most stringent security standards, this feature assures you safety and peace of mind.

Our commercial-grade 2-point locking system incorporates two distinct locking points that engage simultaneously, providing an incredibly strong and secure lock. This technology is far superior to traditional single-point systems, ensuring that your home is fortified against potential intrusions.

Not only does this locking system provide robust security, but it also maintains the sleek, streamlined aesthetics of the windows. The lock mechanisms are subtly integrated into the window design, ensuring they don’t compromise the elegance of your spaces.

A standout feature of our Bi-Fold Windows is the implementation of ‘Concealed Carriers’ beneath the window panels. This smart design element significantly minimises open tracks, reducing the potential for debris accumulation and ensuring your windows function smoothly and unhindered.

Our ingenious design choice ensures that dirt, leaves, or other forms of debris are less likely to gather within the window tracks, preventing potential damage and ensuring the long-term smooth operation of your Bi-Fold Windows.

Double Glazing

One of the defining options of our Bi-Fold Windows is ‘Double Glazing’. This technology significantly contributes to energy efficiency, temperature regulation, and noise reduction, making them an exemplar of modern, sustainable living.

Our double-glazed Bi-Fold Windows contain two panes of glass separated by a layer of air or argon gas. This gap acts as a barrier, minimising the transfer of heat and cold between the interior of your home and the outside world. The result is a warmer home in winter, and a cooler home in summer, offering significant savings on energy bills all year round.

Powder Coated Range

An exciting option available with our Bi-Fold Windows is the ‘Powder Coated Range’. This finish option allows you to select from a range of colours, ensuring your new windows perfectly complement your interior and exterior decor.

Aluminium Windows

Struggling to find the time for home maintenance? No worries, our aluminium doors are maintenance free and are made of the highest quality products, guaranteed to stand the test of time. Perfect for homes in any location from the coast to inland, they are even termite proof!

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