Awning Windows

Aluminium Windows

Enjoy a clearer, unobstructed view with no unsightly mullions. A real statement piece, perfect for the front elevations of your home. These innovative windows allow you to open them to get some fresh air, without blowing everything inside. Keep the neighbours happy when having friends over with glass that complies with acoustic ratings.

A key feature our Awning Windows come equipped with is a key-lockable chain-winder. This feature allows for easy operation and enhanced security. The chain-winder allows the window to be opened and closed effortlessly with just a few turns of a handle, making it easy for anyone to operate it. Additionally, the key-lockable feature provides the window with an extra layer of security. This prevents it from being opened outside, keeping your home safe and secure.

Top-hung Awning Windows, in particular, offer several benefits that make them an attractive option. The primary advantage of a top-hung awning window is its smooth operation. Since they are designed to open from the top, they are suspended from the top of the frame, making them easy to open and close with a simple push or pull. This makes them ideal for hard-to-reach places, such as above a kitchen sink or bathtub.

The folding handle to winders feature is a mechanism that allows for easy opening and closing of the Awning Windows. The handle folds flat against the window when not in use, providing a sleek and unobtrusive look. When the window needs to be opened, the handle can be easily unfolded and turned to open the window.

Heavy Duty Flyscreen

Our heavy-duty flyscreen is a mesh screen designed to keep bugs and other pests out of the home while still allowing air to flow through.

Restricted-Opening Winders

Our Awning Windows have the option to include a restricted-opening winder, which is a mechanism that can be added to limit how far they can be opened. This is especially useful for homes with small children or pets, as it helps prevent accidents and ensures their safety. 

Able To Conform To Swimming Pool Regulations

Swimming pool regulations require that windows within a certain distance from a swimming pool meet specific safety standards. This prevents accidents and ensures that the pool area is safe for children and adults alike. Our range of Awning Windows can be tailored to meet these standards to ensure maximum safety.

Residential Construction

These windows are popular amongst residential construction projects. An advantage of using Awning Windows is their ability to improve energy efficiency. When closed, they form a tight seal that helps prevent air leakage and heat loss, ultimately lowering homeowners’ energy bills. This is especially true when paired with high-quality insulated glass, which can further improve the window’s ability to insulate against the elements.

Multi-Unit Developments

Awning Windows are popular in multi-unit developments due to their versatility and practicality. One of the main advantages of awning windows is their ability to provide excellent ventilation while being very secure. Because the windows open outward, they can be left open even during light rain without the risk of water entering the building.

Low-Rise Apartments

Window selection is an important factor to consider when choosing a low-rise apartment. Typically awning windows are a fantastic choice. These windows are popular due to their functionality and unique design, allowing them to maximise available space use.

Aluminium Windows

Struggling to find the time for home maintenance? No worries, our aluminium doors are maintenance free and are made of the highest quality products, guaranteed to stand the test of time. Perfect for homes in any location from the coast to inland, they are even termite proof!

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