Awning Window – 282

Trend Series

The Trend Series Awning Window has been designed to provide a clean and streamlined appearance with its modern bevelled sash profiles and glazing beads. The Trend Series Awning Window features a continuous hook hinging system and the options of either a chain winder or sash catches for ease of operation. Full perimeter sash seals are designed to improve weather tightness and along with the option of double glazing, can provide increased thermal comfort and performance.

Being part of the Trend Series, it can be integrated with a complementary selection of sliding, awning and double hung windows to provide a total window solution.

Single and Double Glazing Options

Our Awning Windows are available in single and double-glazing options and are purposefully designed to cater to your specific needs and add value to your home or office.

Electric Winder Option

One of the most compelling features of our Awning Windows is the option of Electric Winders. You can open or close your windows with a button push, offering absolute ease and comfort.

Integrated Insect and Security Screening Options

Another standout feature of our Awning Windows is the Integrated Insect and Security Screening Options. This innovative feature allows you to enjoy natural ventilation without worrying about insects and adds an additional layer of security to your premises.


Experience the sleek, modern elegance with our Anodised finish. This process creates a rich, oxidised layer on the surface of the metal frame, enhancing its natural lustre. 

It’s more than just appealing aesthetics; our Anodised option is resilient against the elements, corrosion, and abrasion, ensuring your windows maintain their sophisticated appearance for years to come. 

Powder Coated

Powder Coating is an environmentally friendly process that provides a high-quality, tough finish resistant to scratching, chipping, and fading. It allows for a wider spectrum of colours, allowing you to match your windows with any colour scheme or style in your home.


Channel the warmth and timeless elegance of natural wood with our woodgrain finish. Meticulously crafted to capture the intricate details of wood’s texture and character, our woodgrain finish brings a rich, inviting charm to your interiors. 

This finish doesn’t just echo the beauty of natural wood; it offers durability and low maintenance of modern materials.

Trend Series

When the standard range requires a commercial specification for premium applications and beyond. Easy to operate and timeless in design, Trend Series Sliding Windows are a premium choice.

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