How Affinity Window products are designed to meet NDIS standards

Affinity R&D Team

In the last few years both our state and federal governments have put more investment and support into the construction of NDIS residential housing.

When building these properties, NDIS disability housing specifications provides strict requirements on how the properties are built and what goes into them.

At Affinity Windows, we’re proud to create products that are designed for universal use.

Here’s what this means for our partners, customers, and people using our products.

Affinity Windows promotes accessible living

We operate on the principle of universally designed housing. This means that our door, window, and security products are designed with features that meet NDIS requirements, and make homes accessible for everyone.

We have created a window and door package that meet NDIS disability housing specification requirements, that includes:

  • Window products available with special awning winding handles as an installation option, that are designed with a special mechanism making it simple to open windows.
  • Doors that come standard with specially designed D-shaped handle that’s easy to grip, and can be installed at different heights. They’re made from high-quality powder coated metal, which is a lot stronger than a plastic handle, and won’t degrade or snap after repeated use.
  • Doors that can be installed with a recess seal that’s flush to the floor, allow easy access for wheelchairs, and limiting the potential for trips and falls.
  • Integrated door automation capability with all Affinity door products.

As a testament to the benefits of our products, our window and door solutions are being installed in soon-to-be-completed homes built by Plunkett Homes and Northerly Group. And we’re not stopping there. This cost-effective package has been secured as the choice for new NDIS housing delivered by JFK Custom Homes, La Vida Homes WA, Shelford Homes, Bella Vista Homes and Motive Building Group.

Innovation in design

But it’s not just what we offer now: our goal is to continue innovating for the future.

Affinity Windows has developed a unique self-draining door sill solution that meets NDIS requirements, and promotes a complete accessible solution. Ideated and designed by our very own Technical & Product Development Manager, Ken Courtney, this proprietary technology is helping to improve wheelchair access for homes, without making vast changes to the building design.

Simplicity in action

Originally created as a one-off solution for one of our building customers, we saw the benefits that this unit could have for the wider community, and have since manufactured and installed this solution for many different organisations.

It’s a simple idea—but that’s why it works so effectively.

Where standard accessible doorways feature a bulky grate system at the bottom as a way to drain away rainwater, our smart solution is sunk down level with the concrete, enabling the door sill to be almost flush with the ground.

The door frame solution is then effectively plumbed directly into the home’s pipes, enabling the water to sluice away through the drainage system.

As an integrated solution, this door frame is faster and cheaper to build and install than a standard NDIS-approved door frame, and provides a sleeker finish. Better still, the frame can work both as a manual door and when automated. It can even be installed and automated at a later date, without the need to remove any existing frames, or the addition of new technology.

Excellence in solutions

At Affinity Windows, we make it easy for our partners and customers to design and build accessible homes in line with NDIS specifications.

All you need to do is get us involved in the planning of your project. We can plan, manufacture, deliver, and install your doors and windows—you don’t have to do a thing. We work with you right from the start to provide commercial-quality door and window designs for residential properties, ensuring that your new properties meet NDIS specification, and comply with all relevant Australian accessibility standards.

It’s one less thing to worry about, while gaining peace of mind that you’re delivering NDIS funded housing that’s truly accessible for everyone.

Want to know more about how Affinity Windows is delivering innovation in accessible living? Get in touch with us to learn more.

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