How Affinity is embracing workplace equity

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At Affinity Windows we are striving towards a balanced and diverse workplace.

No longer are we just working towards equal opportunities, but we are an equity focused employer.

Equity recognises that each person has different circumstances, and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.

We aim to build a workplace where women thrive, and have the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

We received feedback from some of our female employees to gain an insight on how Affinity Windows is doing to embrace workplace equity.

Making change starts with trust

One of our senior OH&S Team Leaders says that promoting equity in the workplace all comes down to trust, and respect.

“When employees have the opportunity to provide input to decision making, we feel valued and trusted.”

That’s exactly what we do here at Affinity. We take everyone’s ideas on board, and give our people the scope to use their initiative to find ways to perform their roles in innovative new ways.

Across the organisation, we empower our people to perform their roles, and give them every opportunity to thrive. This trust, and creating equitable opportunities for both male and female employees, is something that’s built into our business.

Upskilling our people for future success

One of our longest serving Affinity team members, has seen the industry change and grow during her time with us.

“I’ve been in the industry since 1981. I started on the factory floor, before going into the office, learning various tasks. Affinity has always provided me with the resources to grow my career, in the way I wanted.

“I’ve had good support, when needed. I’ve always enjoyed what I do. But it’s the people that make a place nice to work in.”

And, while we’re proud of our exceptional products and work ethic, we agree: our teams are one of Affinity’s greatest assets.

Another female employee who has been with us since 2008 said that her biggest source of support and inspiration has always been her team.

 “It’s the people. I’ve made lifelong friendships working at Affinity,” she says. “My team supports me by assisting with sharing knowledge, caring, and supporting each other.”

And with the right people on our team, we know we can truly continue our push forward to embrace equity as an organisation.

Creating the right opportunities at the right time

Our employees said “the most important thing to them is to ensure a variety of training opportunities, which create opportunities that empower our female staff members to succeed in their chosen career”.

We’ve always been big supporters of growth. One of our Sales Representatives says that the Affinity training framework has been instrumental in helping her create a role that is truly her own.

“When I’m in a workplace, I’m here to learn new things and contribute as much as I can. Affinity has given me the opportunities to expand my skills, and I see the change in myself from day one.”

Our people are supported at every level

We understand that everyone’s needs are different—which is a key part of embracing equality. So we provide flexible working opportunities to accommodate our peoples’ different needs.

Managers are hired for their skills to coach, mentor and support and BGC is bringing more training to improve these areas.

On top of this, our Employee Assistance Program provides support to our employees and their families when navigating challenging times.

Our employees know that they have the full support of their manager, our leadership team, and their co-workers to call out biases when they see them.

Embracing equity is part of who we are

At Affinity Windows, embracing equity is part of our DNA. We are increasing diversity with actions designed to create environments where women can thrive and lead. 

It’s part of our culture, where people are willing to lend a hand when others are in need. It’s all about putting structures in place to drive the change towards equity from the ground up.

So this International Women’s Day, ask yourself: what are you doing to embrace equity?

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