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One product series that we’ve noticed gaining traction of late is the Trend Series Front Entry Door.

Initially designed for commercial use, it’s a sleek, elegant looking door that delivers crisp lines and a bold entry statement. But in recent years, many home owners have started looking for wider entry doors. This allows them to create a sophisticated modern industrial look—and the Trend Series Front Entry Door delivers on this. With the ability to be installed at widths of up to 1200mm, this provides a wider entry door option that can’t be achieved with traditional residential door solutions.

So if you’re looking for a door option that elevates your entryway from the standard wood look, the Trend Series Front Entry Door might be up your alley.

Let’s look a little deeper at how this door compares to a traditional wood door solution.

A more durable option

The Trend Series Front Entry Door is made from robust powder coated aluminium, making it more resistant to the elements. It won’t rot or rust, unlike other materials, and doesn’t run the risk of chips, dents, or scratches, meaning you enjoy less maintenance over its lifespan. Lower maintenance means less upkeep, saving time and money on repainting and repairs.

And with a 25-year warranty on the powder coating alone, you’re ensured of excellent structural stability long into the future.

Faster and more cost-effective to install on a new build

The aluminium used in the Trend Series Front Entry Door is cheaper to source than a traditional solid timber door, making it a more cost-effective front door solution.

And not just cheaper: it’s quicker, too. You can have your Trend Series Front Entry Door installed within three or four weeks of your project sign-off, enabling you to get into your new home sooner.

Improved security

The Trend Series Front Entry Door offers excellent anti-burglary protection. As it’s made from robust aluminium, it doesn’t chip or splinter, making it harder to break open or cut into.

The Trend Series Front Entry Door can be customised with added extras like three-point mortice locks, top and bottom pin locks, and high-tensile security screens, ensuring you get a more secure entry door right from the start.

Create a more comfortable home

The Trend Series Front Entry Door enables you to improve your energy efficiency. It provides a better seal around your front door, keeping in more warm or cool air, and you can install energy-efficient glass to improve the insulation in your home even further.

The 46mm door panel suits both single and double glazing, improving your door’s acoustic capabilities and helping to keep out noise and distractions from the outside world.

Better weather resistance

At Affinity Windows, we can adapt your Trend Series Front Entry Door to certain needs of your home. So, if you’re in an area that’s more prone to heavy weather, we can install a special drainage sill under your door that helps remove water out more effectively. This way when it rains, the water doesn’t pool underneath your front door. Instead, it runs down the door and into the sill, and then gets channeled out the front of your house. Alternatively, you can have this plumbed directly into your pipes.

And it’s not just rain. Unlike traditional timber doors, our Trend Series Front Entry Doors are rated up to BAL 40 in a bushfire area, which provides robust materials that protect against heat and flying debris.

Environmentally friendly

While timber can come from sustainably-managed sources, it’s not guaranteed. The aluminium used in our Trend Series can be recycled multiple times, which ensures you’re getting a more sustainable product. There’s less waste, as any offcuts during production are collected, then sent back to their manufacturing plant to be smelted down and reused.

It just looks better

From an aesthetic point of view, some people think the Trend Series Front Entry Door just looks better. We tend to agree with them: with clean lines, and a sharper look, it provides a more elegant entryway solution.

We know that not everyone has the same taste, so multiple design options allow you to personalise your front door exactly how you want it to look. You can add in a range of midrails, design your door with wide or narrow lock styles and hinge styles, change the profile of the top and bottom rails, even choose the type and colour of glass installed, and even select the finish.

You can install our Trend Series throughout your entire home, and ensure that your doors, windows, and other frames match across the entire house.

This is one trend that won’t go out of style

Whether it’s a commercial application, or a premium residential property; whether you’re building a home for yourself, or building for a client, it’s easy to get the Trend Series look for your home.

Simply engage Affinity Windows at the planning stage of your build. We can work with you to recommend the right design for your home, and then install your Trend Series Front Entry Door for a bold, timeless statement.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us to start the conversation about installing the Trend Series Front Entry Door on your next project.

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